Never Settle - Southern Hemisphere Hop Pack

Never Settle – Southern Hemisphere Hop Pack

The sea is rough and the voyage is long, but when you’re cheating nature, there’s no turning back. So you trim the jib and throw caution to the wind.

“The harvest comes just once a year,” they said. “That’s the way it’s always been.” But you’ve never been one to settle for what’s been. The great fresh hop beers of winter—ripe with intense flavors and aromas of the harvest—call to you throughout the year. There has to be a way.

And there is a way.

Halfway across the world on the upside-down Earth, where the waves cross oceans freely and the storms roll in reverse, there is a way. Across the Pacific, below the Tropic of Capricorn, and around a galaxy of islands—this is where the great hops of New Zealand and Australia are harvested in spring.

So you sail to the ports of the Southern Hemisphere and fill your bag with freshly harvested hops: Motueka hops from New Zealand with their passion fruit and lychee flavors; Wai-Iti hops with mandarin and lime zest notes; Pacific Gem fragrant with blackberry and oak; Rakau, Wakatu, Galaxy….

Then you break for home before the devil knows you’re dead.

You fill your kettle to the brim and—a few weeks later—take your first sip of fresh hop IPA, fresh hop DIPA, fresh hop session IPA and fresh hoppy lager. You’ve done it: a fresh hop pack in summer. And for a moment, you’ve cheated the very rules of nature.

You were never one for rules anyway.

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