Piels LagerPiels Lager

Piels Lager Beer is back! Today’s Piels Lager still offers that same unsurpassed beer flavor. Piels is the choice for beer lovers who come back for more.

Piels Brewery History

A tip of the hat to breweriana collector T. J. Wiegand, who sent over a wealth of information and pictures of the brewery. Piels was founded by the german Piel brothers, Gottfried, Wilhelm and Michael in 1883. They started by buying the existing Landser Brewery and and steadily expanded. A significant german population had emigrated to East New York, and Piels and Trommers not only experienced success but survived Prohibition. Although Piels was eventually sold in 40 states, it retained its focus as a local brewer. Piels expands again in 1947, and in 1950 buys out Trommers. In 1955 Piels launches an ad campaign featuring two fictional characters, Bert and Harry, that were considered landmarks in advertising for their entertainment value. Eventually the scale of the national brewers took its toll. The Piels plant in East New York shut down Sept. 20, 1973.


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