Happydown Lemon Cucumber Mint

Super fresh and tangy lemons fuse seamlessly with the evergreen cucumber, while the mint adds zing to the thing.


Happydown Lemon Cucumber Mint Cocktail

Happydown Lemon Cucumber Mint go together like cookies n cream. Super fresh and tangy lemons fuse seamlessly with the evergreen cucumber, while the mint adds zing to the thing. Soak in the freshness and enjoy the moment behind a cool pair of shades.

HappyDown Cocktails

HappyDown is not just a brand name, it’s a philosophy. It’s our way of looking at the world slightly upside down. Challenging the status-quo, questioning the norms. We believe happy and down are two sides of the same coin and one just needs to flip over to see the other side. One is not always happy and not always down but if one hasn’t experienced the down aspect of life, one can’t really appreciate and enjoy the happy. Our brand philosophy of HappyDown can possibly be distilled in the phrase: Maybe the other way is up!

We’ve tasted some pretty pathetic excuses for cocktails in our time. And they made us kinda sad. But we’re down for a change. We’re down for putting some happiness into pre-mixed cocktails. We’re doing away with the conveyor belts, the additives and the downright bland. You’ve tried craft beer and craft spirits. Now, our authentic, hand-blended flavor combinations are bringing this craft to cocktails. Lifting them out of the ordinary. Adding a bit of wow. And believe us – we’re crafting. It’s taken 2 years, 100’s of tastings and 1000’s of rejected recipes. Many of our team went mad, having spent too long with only fruit for friends. But it was worth it. Unique, surprising taste combinations that are truly refreshing. So artisanal it’s downright sexy.

Craft Alcoholic Skinny Cocktails

Exotic fruit, herb n spice flavored craft alcoholic refreshment. Ready to be enjoyed on the rocks, straight chilled, as a mixer or in any other way that tickles your tipple! All natural flavored, gluten free, vegan, zero preservatives and no added sugar scrummy drinks that imbibe the wellness, lifestyle and sustainability trends.


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