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Boening Brothers Distributors of Long Island New York distributes beer and beverages to Nassau & Suffolk County and Eastern Queens including The Rockaway’s.

Boening Brothers DistributorsIn 1901, Phillip Boening was a dairy farmer in Rosedale, Queens. Each week Phillip would make a trip to Brooklyn to visit the many breweries there to buy their spent grain to use as feed for his livestock. His neighbors would often ask him to pick up beer and bring it back for them. It wasn't long before Phillip realized that it was more profitable to pick up and deliver beer than it was to be a farmer. Initially his fledgling business was no more than a one-man horse and wagon operation. From this humble beginning evolved a large, independent family owned beer and wine distribution company which includes a sister company, Oak Beverages, in Blauvelt, NY.

Today, the combined companies have over 70 delivery trucks, 6 warehouses, and 350 employees. Between Boening Brothers and Oak Beverages, they service the 5 boroughs of New York City, all of Long Island, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Sullivan, Orange, and Ulster Counties. Boening Brothers and Oak Beverages have recently added Wines and Liquors to its portfolio of available beverages.

Proudly Serving New York for over 110 Years

Boening Brothers DistributorsThe original location of Boening Brothers Distributors was on the Boening farm in Rosedale. Today Boening Brothers is located in North Lindenhurst, Long Island. Phillip Boening's son, Harry took over the business in 1930. Phillip Jr. later joined his brother. They were able to survive Prohibition by selling soda and "near beer" and became the first company to introduce Pepsi-Cola to Long Island. After the repeal of Prohibition, Boening Brothers was ready with a fleet of 10 trucks and were granted one of the first wholesale licenses issued by New York State.

In 1949 Boening Brothers became Miller's Long Island wholesaler. In 1950 Harry's son, Hap Boening, joined the growing family business and worked with the exception of 1952 and 1953 when he served in the Korean War. In 1962 Hap took over the business and is the current president of Boening Brothers. Hap's daughter, Debra Boening, is the CEO of Oak Beverages. His son, Harold Boening Jr., is vice president of Boening Brothers and his son-in-law, Terry Barbeau, is the Boening Brothers sales manager.

Boening Brothers moved to its current location in North Lindenhurst in 1966

Boening Brothers DistributorsUnder Hap Boening's leadership, Boening Brothers moved to its current location in North Lindenhurst in 1966. Opened Oak Beverages in 1980 and has seen the expansion of Boening Brothers and Oak Beverages into 14 territories. New York is a diverse and dynamic area that encompasses many different regions with pockets of nationalities and idiosyncrasies. Boening Brothers has shown throughout the past 110 years that it can provide the beverages that such a diverse population desires.

Boening Brothers Distribution Map

We service Suffolk County, Nassau County, Eastern Queens, and The Rockaway's.

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