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Birra Italia

Birra Italia

Joy, light-heartedness, joie de vivre: this was the spirit of the Belle Epoque, and it is the essence of Birra Italia. Founded in 1906, Birra Italia expresses all the fizzy taste of that age, still today letting us taste a world of freshness and excitement, along with the passion, typical of our country, for things that are good and artfully made.

The original brewery was on Corso Sempione in Milan and produced three types of beer, the classic light beer, a dark beer and a high alcohol content beer, using water from wells located inside the brewery. Success was just around the corner: in a short time Birra Italia absorbed Birra Milano, then Birra Seriate owned by Wunster and finally even Birreria Ambrosiana.

Everything continued to fizz along until the 1950s when an apparently mild earthquake hit Milan. On the surface there appeared to be no damage, but underground the changes were irreversible: the three wells of clear, pure water, perfect for making beer, began to produce hard water, unsuitable for brewing beer.

In addition, by the early 1970s problems with trade unions and changes in the corporate structure caused Birra Italia to lose more and more of its market share, until the year 2000 when it was acquired by HoreCare, and the brand returned to the limelight.

Thus this premium beer, produced according to an old Italian recipe, journeyed through history to come back today as a great classic, a timeless pleasure, dedicated to those with a thirst for excitement.

Birra Castello Brewery

Birra Italia has rediscovered these values in the Birra Castello brewery, where it is produced today: the ideal venue to express the combination between artisan skill and cutting-edge technologies which characterises the brand.

Since 1997, in its San Giorgio di Nogaro factory, near Udine, Birra Castello has been writing the history of local beer tradition, capitalising on know-how from the Friuli region and investing in technology and management innovations, as well as having acquired – in 2006 – the historic Pedavena factory near Belluno, founded in 1897.

Birra Italia and the Birra Castello brewery today put into each bottle all the vitality and outstanding entrepreneurial ability that are typical of products made in Italy.

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